QODE is a brand new event for Brisbane, part of the “Curiocity” event running in March and April 2019.

Unlike any other innovation and technology event, QODE will be a live and energetic experience focused on delivering inspirational content to the startup and entrepreneurial community.

QODE is targeted at entrepreneurial startup and investment communities.  With its strong emphasis on inspirational and educational content, QODE will also deliver critical information to company executives and government officials wanting to better understand the future business landscape.




International Speakers





Technology is now the single most important factor in driving the business and economic landscape.


It disrupts longstanding stable industries – look at the impact of Amazon on retail, Twitter on NewsMedia, Uber on Taxis – just to name a few.
It creates new businesses and new industries.
And while we don’t know exactly what lies ahead, one thing is certain – companies, cities and economies that don’t embrace and adapt to the new technology trends will be left behind.
QODE is a new technology and innovation event for Australia – right in the heart of Brisbane – gateway to the Asia Pacific
QODE is for companies, government officials, investors, entrepreneurs and startups – all trying to understand what the future business landscape will look like as technology drives continuous change.
Featuring global experts presenting centrestage over two days, QODE will be unlike any other technology event in Australia:



Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 101:

Solving complex problems, finding new insights with fusion of data, delivered in real-time. And it’s getting easier, cheaper and faster to deploy.

USA Vs China – the race to AI domination, and where Australia fits in. Tapping into the AI Economy.


Data as the new world oil.

Data substantiates AI and is the main driver for growth and wealth.

Your data: what does privacy mean in 2019?


Automation fulfils its long-standing promise across industries: farming, transportation, logistics.

The effects of robotics in healthcare, law enforcement, entertainment, education, and emergency services.

The end of employment, or an era of new, safer occupations?

Mega Disruption Economy

The rise of universal, transnational corporations with unprecedented power.

Essential technology and services versus long-term effects on society.

Power shift from national government to state and city level.

Industry 4.0

Manufacturing for a new economy.

Digital supply networks: a supply chain transformation.

Australia’s future: the role of international collaboration.

Smart Cities

Meeting the Energy Demands of Smart Cities

Urban Mobility in five years time

IoT & Disruptive Technologies for Smart Cities

The Sharing and Collaborative Economy in a Smart City


Using AI to restore the balance between the hackers and the system defenders.

What systems are the most at threat, and who’s in charge of them?

Social media


A decentralised ledger – removing the need for the intermediary.

Why Public and Semi-Public/Private Blockchain are changing the world.

Cryptocurrency – not the only application for Blockchain.

The future of banks, insurance companies, government healthcare systems.


New frontiers in diagnostics driven by AI.

Continuous wearable patient monitoring.

Early detection and prediction of disease.

Health and PHR (Personal Health Records) data – the key to advancement in healthcare.


Energy generation and storage at the heart of the electrical transportation revolution.

Energy records on Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer electricity trading.

Artificial intelligence-based demand-side management.


Personalised nutrition to the mass market.

Food and ingredient development targets higher life quality.

Food safety: where your food is coming from and what’s in it.

//Proudly supported by Queensland Government and the City of Brisbane

QODE is the only innovation and technology event in Australia to have the full endorsement and financial backing of both city and state.

QODE is supported by the Queensland Government (through the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Tourism Events Queensland) and the Brisbane City Council (through its economic development agency Brisbane Marketing).

The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP

Premier & Minister for Trade

I am pleased to offer my endorsement of QODE. My government is committed to investing in innovation to drive the jobs of the future in Queensland. We welcome the impetus that the QODE event will deliver.

The Hon. Annastacia Palaszczuk MP
Premier & Minister for Trade

The Hon. Kate Jones MP

Minister for Innovation & Tourism Industry Development

Queensland is fast becoming the place to be for innovation and technology. QODE will bring together the world’s best entrepreneurs and venture capitalists right here in Brisbane. I look forward to welcoming you.

The Hon. Kate Jones MP
Minister for Innovation & Tourism Industry Development

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk

Brisbane Lord Mayor

I look forward to welcoming more than 1000 innovators, investors and entrepreneurs to QODE in April next year. Conventions and business events generate more than $257 million for Brisbane every year and this event will add to Brisbane’s reputation as a New World City.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk
Brisbane Lord Mayor

QODE is a key event of Curiocity, a major new annual event for Brisbane in March and April, where the CBD, Southbank Cultural Precinct and the creative hub around the Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm will come to life with a range of curious encounters with Science, the Arts, and Technology.

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As Australia’s New World City, Brisbane has rapidly emerged as an influential leader in the Asia Pacific and a highly desirable place to do business. The city’s growing global recognition was accelerated by its highly successful staging of the 2014 G20 World Leaders Summit. Capitalising on its enhanced international reputation, Brisbane is shaping itself as a vibrant hub and world leader attracting industry sectors that are globally scalable in the new world economy.

Discover why so many forward-thinking companies Choose Brisbane for investment opportunities, conventions and business events, higher education, research, startups and technological innovation.