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Charles Henden

Charles Henden has been a software engineer and lead programmer in the entertainment industry for over ten years. His obsession in VR, AR and Mixed Reality platforms is the latest manifestation of his great passion in life: worlds within worlds. From a young age, Charles has been captivated with the hidden realm trapped inside his imagination and the many facets of the technology around him. Raised on a diet of equal parts entrepreneurship and film appreciation, he began to collect and probe the insides of cameras, guitars, televisions and eventually computers to find out where the magic was made.


His discovery of the video game landscapes hidden inside silicon ignited a spark that turned his fascination into creativity. Producing simple games to show school friends quickly turned into academic pursuits, with a masters degree in computer science connecting him to the field of immersive virtual environments. Entering the commercial world during the Nintendo Wii generation, Charles helped create a diverse range of titles from movie licensed party games, through AAA franchise shooters to next gen sports simulations.


Charles recently founded VISITOR, a studio that invites you to explore creative offerings in performance art, storytelling, organisational intelligence and automated cinematography. Since founding, he has has received a Sundance fellowship for work in the VR storytelling space, explored human robotic relationships performing 1:1 at Ars Electronica and released the award-winning VR documentary “Inside Manus”. His latest startup, powers virtual training, online production and even the QODE Virtual Brisbane 2020 exhibition.



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