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Damien Stone

Damien is the Co-Founder of Water3, a revolutionary water refill kiosk that requires no plumbing. These kiosks were developed to create a branded refill experience, and now are in use by the largest beverage companies in the world, to help them tackle their own waste reduction targets. The kiosks are a pillar in the war on waste, by eliminating the need for single use plastic water bottles. There are over 350 kiosks in South East Queensland, and kiosks are being rolled out by the biggest beverage companies in the world in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mexico, Indonesia and many more. Water3 pulled an extraordinary pivot of the business in 2019, with a new focus on manufacturing and software, supplying the big beverage companies globally as their only refill solution for packaged water and flavoured water, without the plastic bottle.


Damien’s background is FMCG marketing, having worked on well-known household brands in Australia and New Zealand, and helping export those products globally. In 2005, 8 of the top 10 selling grocery items in New Zealand were brands that Damien was working on, in brand/packaging.
Winner of Gold Coast Social Entrepreneur of the year in 2016, Damien currently leads the global growth of the water refill solution developed by Water3.



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