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Digital Fashion Is Good For The Planet!

By 8 October, 2019No Comments
QODE Virtual Clothes

A Digital fashion collection has a limited stock. With a mission of saving the planet. Welcome to the future!

There is a new trend among the Instagram generation! Some influencers and wannabees buy fashion accessories online, just for a photo-op and immediately return it to the online shop. The phenomenon is already well known among some online vendors.

Carlings is a brand that caters specifically to this. They offer a line of digital fashion garments. How does it work? You select a garment from the website, send in a photo of yourself and pay. What you receive is a photo of you wearing the new clothes! Digitally assembled and a perfect fit every time. You then upload the photo with your rather unique clothing to social media. The UK based service charges around $30-$50AUD per photo.

Do you think such a service is stupid? Well, the collection is sold out, and until further notice, orders have been halted. It is very rare that a clothing brand is sold out. But this vanity tech company has found a way to do it!

The scandinavian based fashion company founded in 1980 did not think a digital collection is a good idea. Until the CEO mentioned it to his kids during dinner. They reminded him of Fortnite and its accessories market place, making real money from digital items for virtual figures. So it might make sense to buy digital items for yourself in the real world.

We all want to show our creativity, and to keep our blue planet. With a digital collection, one can be seen dressed in an incredible outfit, that would have been rather expensive to make. All while creating near-zero pollution (if you consider the pollution created by computing power). The best clothes are expensive indeed, hard to get and sometimes do not even fit your body. And worst of all you are afraid to wear it and damage these expensive clothes.

So, why don’t they make and sell more digital clothes? Turns out it is still expensive to create 3D modeling for clothing, and then to employ a digital professional to “dress up” your photo. If you have a neural network that can produce a perfect rendering for such a service, there is an extremely profitable opportunity for you!


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