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Gilmour Space: Taking Australia to the Stars

By 21 October, 2019No Comments


QODE is proud to announce Gilmour Space as a major sponsor of QODE 2020.

Gilmour Space is a venture-funded Australian rocket company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space.

As one of the first Australian companies to sign a Space Act Agreement with NASA, this Queensland-based company is helping to push the boundaries of what Australia can do in the global space race.

Join us at QODE 2020 and meet Founder & CEO Adam Gilmour and his team from Gilmour Space.

Space will again be a key topic at QODE Central in 2020.

Be part of a stimulating and enlightening session, explaining and exploring:

  • The new billionaire space race
  • New business models for the space industry
  • Opportunities for Australia in the new space eco system
  • Skills required for a career in the new space industry
  • Industrial transformation: Building manufacturing with a fresh approach, utilising Industry 4.0
  • Integrating Logistics 4.0 in operation


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