The launch event of QODE Brisbane will take place on Monday, 23 March 2020, at Parliament House. Within the scope of the formal launch event, the attendance of leading representatives from the industry and politics are expected.


Invitation only event, including addresses and official opening of QODE by senior representatives from Queensland Government and City Of Brisbane.  Immediately followed by Global keynote presentation.


Presented by global experts with a fresh perspective on the topics with the biggest impact on humanity, economies and business.

QODE Brisbane


Dive deeper into your subject of interest and gain further knowledge and deeper understanding in an extended interactive session.


Witness demonstrations of new technologies first-hand – and put your questions to the creators.


Pitch your startup company at Australia’s best meeting of investors.


Elevate your tech and teamwork skills while bringing world-challenging ideas to life.


Meet and collaborate with Australia’s largest gathering of technology startups and established companies and see their offerings first-hand.


Experience latest in immerse experience and gaming from leading-edge Queensland companies.


Time to relax and enjoy a drink with your new friends you’ve met at QODE.


Whether you’re a startup, investor, company owner or employee- extend your contact list at Australia’s largest tech gathering.


Future of Jobs

All of us will be affected by the rise of the machines. A large portion of today’s students’ job titles have yet to be created.  The relationships between humans and machines (and the companies behind the machines) are getting complicated. How can we define those relationships?  Where do you belong in this ever-changing landscape?  How do you identify your next job(s) and how do you create a framework to deal with such changes?

Environment: no plan(et) B?

Climate scientist James Hansen has stated that the accumulation of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases -some of which will envelop the planet for hundreds and possibly thousands of years – is now trapping as much extra energy daily as 500,000 Hiroshima-class atomic bombs would release every 24 hours.  With the question of global warming now a matter of “when” rather than “if”, we turn our attention to the “what”.  What can be effectively done?  Should we entrust politicians?  What is the role of technology in a global shift towards a better future?  What can Australia’s best entrepreneurs contribute to the global effort?


Space vendors like SpaceX, Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are racing to space and opening up new industries of space tourism, research, mineral mining and more.  Meanwhile, the micro-launch is already a big business. When humanity is reaching out beyond imagination, there are no borders to possible achievements.  The space industry is expected to grow exponentially in coming years and Australia has a good foot in the door.

Smart Logistics

Semi-autonomous and full-autonomous vehicles are already in deployment in logistics – from trucks to robots and drones. Automation, new drive and navigation technologies, and advanced logistics concepts all deliver great efficiencies to the local economy as well as presenting huge opportunities for business through new business models.


We are capable of generating renewable energy in various ways. Yet, fossil fuel energy conversion and power generation still govern the world energy and emission agenda.  At large, we are still failing on the issue of immediate energy availability, when it comes to renewable energy generation. The key for  successful renewable energy implementation lies in our ability to deploy efficient, affordable and sustainable energy storage.

Longevity and age reversal

The average life expectancy of new-borns is now above 100 years. Healthy habits, along with recent breakthroughs in science and bio-engineering aim to freeze biological age at about 40 years and maintain good health and non-deteriorated cognitive skills. Cell repair, DNA replacement and age reversal techniques are currently being researched. We will spotlight this new industry, which is expected to affect many of us, and its challenges.

City Data

The urban space is becoming incredibly more important in people’s lives. Cities has become intense data machines, representing vast opportunities for economic growth, development, policy, cyber and more. At QODE we will shed light on some brilliant and surprising elements of smarter cities.


Mobility-as-a-Service is becoming a reality, especially if you are a resident of a large city.  A successful Maas is where your mobility requirements are met by various vendors, often by using a single application, made possible by advanced data sharing and collaboration, easier payments as well as innovative business models and fresh approach from enablers such as municipalities and state government.  The benefits are lower user costs, improved utilization of transit providers, reduced city congestion and reduced greenhouse emissions.  This shift holds massive changes to daily life, affecting our time, finance, liability, choice of residency, city planning, investment in infrastructure and more.

Quantum computing

Quantum computing is a once-in-a-century game changer, a field that has been experiencing unbelievable breakthroughs in the last few years and now is set to change the landscape of computing and encryption forever. In 2020, Quantum computing is set to ignite a new arms race. What is Quantum computing? What are its possible uses, beyond the academic hype?  What are the global geo-political consequences?


A huge booming industry at a global scale is looming – Sustainable packaging – based on disposable degradable tech (one-time use plates, cutlery, straws) from corn and sugar cane waste. With is corn and sugar industry, the opportunities for Queensland are enormous.


What is the recent most impactful innovation in civil aviation?   Is it autonomous air taxis (eVTOLs) or electric-powered airplanes, designed to reduce carbon footprint in altitude, at least for domestic flights?  Or possibly the development of new long-distance flight technologies, allowing a three-hour flight from London to Brisbane? Commercial aviation, an industry that has changed our life and turbo-charged tourism and many other economy sectors is changing and brings new challenges and opportunities.

Future of Finance

The finance sector is facing disruptions at several levels: from digital payments to AI-driven insurance. Technology giants are keen to enter the lucrative space and global digital currencies are set to enter the market in the next few years.  China’s digital currency – anew challenger to the dollar, EU centric digital currency, and Facebook’s global currency Libra are all on the horizon.  A new landscape of legal and political implications awaits.